👩‍💻Hello! I'm a researcher who works on NLP—the art of making computers understand and work with human language. Currently, I'm an Algorithm Developer at Hudson River Trading.

🔬 I went to Stanford, where I was a music major (and finished a BS and MS in computer science on the side). I was part of the Stanford NLP Group, where I led the Chirpy Cardinal team, and was advised by Chris Manning and Monica Lam. I have also been at Google Research, Amazon AWS AI, and DE Shaw Research. Broadly, my interests lie in speech recognition, dialogue systems, and efficient NLP.

🎻 I'm a concert pianist and organist (youtube channel).

🧩 I enjoy puzzling, especially linguistic puzzles. I've contributed to NACLO, the Asia-Pacific Linguistic Olympiad, and the MIT Mystery Puzzle Hunt.

Selected Publications