Ethan A. Chi

Hello! I'm a MS/BS/BA candidate at Stanford University studying Computer Science and Music. I'm a pianist, organist, and violinist—check out my YouTube channel! I'm an AI researcher who's broadly interested in making language models more accessible and interpretable. In addition, I'm also active in North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad and in various organizations at Stanford, such as the Stanford Symphony and Cardinal Free Clinics.

News: Read my blog post on visualizing multilingual language models!


I'm honored to be part of the Stanford NLP Group! In my research, I'm broadly interested in making language models more accessible and interpretable. This includes not only using the tools of linguistics to shed light about the behavior of modern deep learning models, but also coming up with ways to make cutting-edge systems more accessible to the world at large. I am also part of the AI for Healthcare Bootcamp under the auspices of the Stanford ML Group. Previously, I was also fortunate to be able to collaborate on a case study in immunology at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.


Ethan A. Chi, John Hewitt, and Christopher D. Manning. Finding Universal Grammatical Relations in Multilingual BERT. To appear in ACL 2020. [blog post]
Bowen Jing*, Ethan A. Chi*, and Jillian Tang*. SGVAE: Sequential Graph Variational Autoencoder. arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.07800 (2019).
Ethan A. Chi and Michael T. Schweizer. Durable response to immune checkpoint blockade in a platinum-refractory patient with nonseminomatous germ cell tumor. Clinical Genitourinary Cancer 15.5 (2017): e855-e857.
* denotes equal contribution


I'm a pianist, organist, and violinist! Currently, I study piano with Dr. Frederick Weldy and organ with Dr. Robert Huw Morgan. I also enjoy playing violin in the Stanford Symphony, where I serve as Co-Vice President. For more of my recent performances, check out my YouTube channel.


Here are some projects and other fun things I've worked on that I've really enjoyed!

North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad

I enjoy working with NACLO to design linguistics puzzles for high school students which draw on current linguistic and computational linguistic research. Here's one of my favorite problems!

In high school, I was a double silver medalist at the International Linguistics Olympiad. Currently, I help coach the American IOL team.

The Ultimate Course Planner

A gargantuan Google Sheet with color-coded courses easily available in dropdowns, great planning features, and all 14,813 Stanford courses to choose from. Built with a friend, our project has several hundred current users!